Investigative Services For Businesses

Prior to making your final decision on hiring an individual, have you ever considered doing a thorough background investigation on
  the applicant(s)? Maybe your top choice applicant is one who “Talks the Talk” but can’t “Walk the Walk” and the second or third
  applicant may really be the best choice for your business. As an employer, you more than likely make phone calls and check references
  based on the individual’s application. A current employer of the applicant might give the applicant an excellent recommendation – due
  to the fact that this employer is trying to get rid of the applicant in hopes that someone else will hire the applicant – thus – their problem
  now becomes your problem. What you might find while doing reference checks, is the applicant does have a nicely written resume’ and
  you can verify previous employment and education. What the applicant won’t put on their resume’ is they have a history of drinking, or a
  history of being violent, or have a gambling addiction, or a history of stealing. Is this the type of employee you want working for your
Metro SIU is a Licensed Private Investigation Agency in the State of Minnesota. Minnesota License #1058. Our staff is
  composed of veteran personnel who have been employed as Investigators conducting criminal investigations for Law Enforcement
  Agencies in Minnesota.

Metro SIU will work with you, as an employer, to help assist and tailor the type of background investigation that fits the
  needs of your business. On one end of the spectrum, our background investigations can range from being very simple consisting of
  verifying employment, education degrees, arrests, convictions, judgments and social security number verification. On the other end of
  the spectrum, it could consist of a very in-depth thorough background investigation which could involve traveling, personally interviewing
  previous employers, friends, neighbor’s, relatives, previous co-workers and landlord’s of the applicant.

Types of Investigative Services We Offer For Businesses

* Background Investigations *     * Business License Checks *     * Embezzlement *

* Employee Misconduct *       * General Investigations *       * Sexual Harassment *

* Sick Day Fraud *     * Surveillance *     * Theft *     * VIP Protection *

Because there are so many types of investigative services, we can’t list them all. For further information - please call
  651-552-7843 or you can contact us via email. Include your name, contact information and a brief description of the type of
  investigation you are requesting. or click above on "Contact Us"

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