Investigative Services For Insurance Companies

As an Insurance Company, how often have you paid claims and settlements in which there has been the possibility that the claim
  itself was not completely legitimate such as wrongful death, workers compensation, personal injury, fire, theft, etc.  How often have you
  paid a substantial settlement, only to learn that additional facts went uncovered? Knowing these facts could have resulted in your
  company paying a lower settlement or possibly paying no settlement at all, which could have saved your Insurance Company thousands
  of dollars.

Utilizing private investigators can provide you with additional facts and evidence which may have never been uncovered through the
  normal process. Additional key witnesses and facts may be discovered which could be of a great benefit for your insurance company. If
  a case goes to trial, a private investigator can testify to statements and facts obtained during the investigation.

Metro SIU consists of seasoned veteran investigators who have worked for Law Enforcement Agencies conducting criminal
  investigations.  Criminal cases have to be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt” which is a high threshold to accomplish. Our investigators 
  are experienced in gathering evidence and facts to meet this threshold. Insurance claims often are civil cases. The common threshold in
  civil cases is a preponderance of evidence, which is a much lower threshold than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Our investigators are
  experienced in preparing reports, interviewing, locating additional evidence, locating additional witnesses, surveillance and experienced
  with the legal process along with the admissibility of evidence in court.

Types Of Investigative Services We Offer

* Arson *      * Automobile Accidents *      * Auto Thefts *      * Death Investigations *      * Fires *

* Fraudulent Claims *       * Interviews / Affidavits *        * Personal Injury *      * Record Checks *

* Surveillance *    * Theft *     * Water Accidents *     * Wills and Probate *     * Witness Locating *

* Witness Statements *     * Workers Compensation *     * Wrongful Death *

Because there are so many types of investigative services, we can’t list them all. For further information - please call
  651-552-7843 or you can contact us via email. Include your name, contact information and a brief description of the type of
  investigation you are requesting. or click above on "Contact Us"

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