About Our Staff

Our staff consists of seasoned veteran Law Enforcement Personnel. Tom Dunaski, Jim Meehan, Scott Duff, Samantha
  Wagner and Don Sazma have known and worked together while serving in the Law Enforcement Profession. Each of them
  brings their own unique investigative skills and specialty areas. They have over a 150 years combined experience in the
  law enforcement profession. They are committed to working together in an effort to provide clients with the best
  investigative services possible.

Tom Dunaski:

Tom is a retired St. Paul Police, Sergeant Investigator with 40 years of Law Enforcement experience. At the beginning of Tom's
  Law Enforcement career he served in the Patrol Division both as a Patrol Officer and Patrol Supervisor. Tom has tactical training with
  the FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigations, as well as training and experience with the St. Paul Police SWAT Unit.

For the greater part of Tom's career he served in the St. Paul Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) as well as the FBI Organized Crime
  Task Force. The longevity of approximately thirty years with both specialized units conducting numerous investigations, countless
  interviews, surveillance and undercover operations the true testament of Tom's investigative capabilities. Although Tom has extensive
  experience in many investigative fields, Missing and Exploited Children, Organized Crime (RICO) operations and Cold Case Homicide
  investigations is where he has specialized.

Tom's investigative abilities has earned him numerous awards and commendations to include the 'Officer of the Year' award from
  both the State of Minnesota and the St. Paul Police Department. For his work in Organized Crime RICO - Homicide investigations, Tom has
  been recognized as 'Investigator of the Year' by the FBI and the United States Attorney's Office. He has also been awarded 'Investigator
  of the Year' twice by the International Homicide Investigators Association I.H.I.A.

Following retirement Tom was hired by the Department of Justice as a Contract Investigator and Expert Witness to assist the FBI
  Task Force with a Triple Homicide case. This case was indicted and successfully prosecuted in the summer of 2011.

Jim Meehan:

Jim has over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement. Jim is a retired Maplewood Police Officer - Paramedic. In addition to working for
  the Maplewood Police Department, Jim served in the Minnesota Army National Guard Military Police Unit and was assigned to the
  St. Paul - Minnesota area. Jim has also spent many years training Law Enforcement Personnel and students who are interested in pursuing
  their careers in Law Enforcement. Jim is a certified firearms instructor, use of force instructor and a defensive tactics instructor.

During his career as a Law Enforcement professional, he conducted countless investigations which include homicides, burglaries,
  accidental deaths, suicides, automobile thefts, arson, fraud, traffic accidents and crimes against children. As a Police Officer – Paramedic,
  Jim was a first responder on countless traffic accidents, personal injury and death related incidents. In addition to being the first
  responder on countless traffic accidents, personal injury and death incidents, he was often assigned to being the lead investigator to
  conduct the follow up investigations pertaining to these types of incidents to determine whether they were suspicious, accidental,
  natural or if fraud was involved.

As a Police Officer – Investigator, Jim worked multiple cases involving automobile thefts, suspicious fires – arson and fraud. If the
  determination was made during the scope of the investigation that in fact it appeared that fraudulent activity had occurred, Jim worked
  closely and hard with insurance companies to make sure that they did not become victims themselves by paying money for a fraudulent

Samantha Wagner:

Samantha has a combined 15 years military experience serving in both the Army and Air National Guard. She currently serves as a
  Security Forces Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves. She is experienced as an Intelligence Analyst specializing in Counter Drug, Gangs,
  Special Investigations and Narcotics.

Samantha is experienced in phone forensics and analysis and is well versed in social networking websites. She is experienced in
  countless databases which contain all types of information pertaining to individuals, businesses and a variety of other factual

Don Sazma:

Don has been involved in law enforcement for over 30 years. He has an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor
  of Arts Degree in Business. During the course of his Law Enforcement career, he has worked as an investigator assigned to Gangs and
  Special Investigations. He has worked numerous cases (State and Federal) which involved drugs, violent crimes, weapons, fraud, missing
  persons, homicides and Homeland Security.

Don is experienced in both covert (undercover) and overt operations. He has spent countless hours conducting surveillance on criminal
  suspects. Don is an experienced investigator in interviewing, interrogation, statement taking, collection / analysis of records, securing /
  preserving evidence, surveillance, preparation / execution of search / arrest warrants, preparation / execution of court orders, report
  writing and court testimony.

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Our Staff - Tom Dunaski - Jim Meehan - Scott Duff - Samatha Wagner - Don Sazma
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