Investigative Services For The General Public

Sometimes a person finds themselves in a position in which they would like to find out the truth and facts. In certain situations, an
  individual is not able to perform these tasks themselves. Some of these situations could include a spouse that might be having an
  affair, a drug addiction, a gambling addiction, or an alcohol addiction. Other situations could consist of someone isolating a parent in
  an attempt to financially exploit them. In marriage dissolution, maybe your spouse might be hiding certain assets from you in which you
  are entitled to. Then there are the cases in which loved ones went missing and you haven’t been able to locate them.

These are just some of the examples in which the police usually won’t get involved because they are unable to devote their resources
  towards your needs and they often respond by saying it is a civil manner. In some of these situations, you might not need an attorney.
  Other situations you might want the truth and additional facts before hiring an attorney.

Hiring a private investigator can provide you with additional facts and evidence which may have never been uncovered through the
  normal process. Our investigators consist of seasoned veteran investigators who have worked for Law Enforcement Agencies conducting
  criminal investigations. They are experienced in conducting undercover and surveillance operations. Undercover and surveillance
  operations often include video surveillance and photographing. Furthermore, our investigators are experienced in knowing the multiple
  resources available to locate people.

Types Of Investigative Services We Offer

* Arson *   * Asset Locating *   * Automobile Accidents *   *Background Investigations *

* Child Protection *   * Death Investigations *   * Divorce Fraud *   * Elder Exploitation *

* Employment *      * Estates and Wills *      *Family *     * Fires *     * Fraudulent Claims *

* General Investigations *        * Immigration *        * Infidelity *        * Missing Persons *

* Personal Injury *       * Record Checks *      * Sexual Harassment *       * Surveillance *

* Theft *   * Workers Compensation *   * Wrongful Death *   * Wrongful Termination *

Because there are so many types of investigative services, we can’t list them all. For further information - please call
  651-552-7843 or you can contact us via email. Include your name, contact information and a brief description of the type of
  investigation you are requesting. or click above on "Contact Us"

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